Advokátní kancelář Kučírek Legal

Advokátní kancelář Kučírek Legal

Kučírek Legal has particular expertise in the following areas:

Commercial and contract law

  • preparation of complete contract documentation and representation of clients in business negotiations
  • preparation of general business terms
  • financing of business transactions, leasing and insurance
  • legal advisory services relating to the establishment of distribution and dealership networks; franchising
  • public tenders

Corporate law

  • initiating commercial activity in the Czech Republic
  • establishing corporations and their changes
  • statutory bodies’ liability
  • reports on relationships between related entities; controlling agreements
  • aspects of business transactions relating to the specific rules on related entities
  • European Company – Societas Europaea
  • terminating business activity, liquidation

Mergers and acquisitions

  • strategic linkage of companies
  • mergers, consolidation and division of corporations; transfers of assets to the majority shareholder
  • acquisition and disposal of equity holdings in corporations, stocks and enterprises
  • due diligence

Competition law

  • linkage of competitors, mergers, acquisitions
  • cartel agreements
  • abuse of a dominant position

Real estate law

  • legal advisory services relating to purchase and sale of real estate
  • Greenfield and Brownfield projects
  • complex assistance with the administration of lease relationships
  • establishment of easements, liens and other forms of security
  • due diligence relating to real estate

Labor law

  • advisory services in matters of labor law
  • preparation or review of employment contracts, labor and wage rules
  • work rules
  • work-related injuries and compensation of damages
  • collective agreements; assistance in collective negotiations

Personal assets administration

  • preparation of all contractual documentation relating to transactions with clients’ assets
  • representation of clients in transactions with their assets
  • financing of transactions with clients’ assets
  • pre-marriage agreements
  • legal advisory services relating to the settlement of property and personal relations in the course of inheritance or divorce proceedings

Insolvency law

  • defence of clients against unjustified insolvency claims
  • representation of clients in the course of insolvency proceedings
  • exercising creditors’ rights in the course of insolvency proceedings
  • representation of clients in incidence disputes with insolvency trustees

Accounting law

  • legal aspects of preparing financial statements and annual reports
  • legal aspects of auditing financial statements and annual reports
  • the issue of statutory bodies’ liability in the preparation of accounting and audit documents

Intellectual property law

  • ownership and disposal of intellectual property rights
  • protected trademarks
  • licenses, franchising
  • resolution of disputes in relation to intellectual property

Protection of personal data

  • legal advisory services in matters of personal data protection
  • registration with the Czech Office for the Protection of Personal Data
  • adjustment of contract documentation with regard to the protection of personal data

EU law

  • legal regulation of the EU common market
  • regulation of economic competition
  • consumer protection regulations
  • employee protection regulations


  • legal advisory services in the event of a dispute – development of a strategy
  • preparation of legal actions and legal representation of clients in court
  • all legal assistance in disputes resolved in the administrative court system
  • arbitration proceedings
  • administrative proceedings
  • settlement negotiation